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A romantic film directed by Thirupathi SR, starring Karonya Katrin and Shreeram Nimmala in the lead roles.

Not Rated
Drama Telugu 2h 13min U/A 03rd Jan, 2020

Karonya Katrin


Shreeram Nimmala


Thirupathi SR

Director, Story Writer, Screenplay Writer

Ravi Kumar Madarapu


Sripathi Gangadas


Abhay Betiganti

Supporting Actor

Adhire Abhi

Supporting Actor

Ajay Ghosh

Supporting Actor

Venu Tillu

Supporting Actor

Suresh Bobbili

Music Director


A jobless guy named Ashok (Sriram) and Swathi (Karronya Katrynn) who belong to the same village fall in love with each other. But they face trouble in the form of Swathi’s father, who insists Sriram to earn money first for the finical security of his daughter. In order to earn easy money, Sriram, along with his friends enter an old house owned by Utthara. Who is this Utthara? Why did the friends enter her house? Will the friends succeed in grabbing huge money from the house? That forms the story.