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Naani (2004)

An impulsive youngster, who is furious with his mother, seeks assistance from a scientist for a way to become an adult overnight. His wish is granted and he begins look like a 28-year-old man. How will he deal with the complexities of adulthood? How will his relationship with his mother evolve?

Family, Drama, Fantasy, Romance Telugu 2h 35min A 14th May, 2004

SJ Surya


KV Guhan

Director of Photography

AR Rahman

Music Director


Naani is an 8-year old kid in the day time and a 28-year old grownup during the night time. The rest of the film is all about how Naani manages it. There is an amazing tenderness in the looks of Mahesh Babu. That same quality shows up as an effective tool for the portrayal of Naani character.