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Abhinetri 2 (2019)

The Telugu version of the trilingual horror-comedy wherein a husband finds out his wife is possessed.The Hindi version is Tutak Tutak Tutiya (2016) and the Tamil version is Devi(L) (2016)

Not Rated
Horror, Comedy, Drama Telugu 2h 00min U 31st May, 2019


The movie starts with continuation of it's prequel where Ruby , a devil gets hold of Tammana and since it's wishes are fulfilled , the ghost leaves her. Afraid of being invaded by the ghost and goodwill of his wife, Prabhu Deva receives an advice from an Astrologer to shift his place where the land is covered by sea on four sides so he chooses Mauritius as his home as well as work place. Two ghosts who's love isn't successful gets inside Prabhu Deva's body and Tammana come to an agreement with them and tries to rescue her beloved from the ghosts. Whether she succeeded in that , is the remaining story.