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Abhinetri (2016)

Krishna, who wants a modern lady as his companion, is forced to marry Devi who is an old-fashioned woman. But unusual circumstances arise when he realizes that his spouse desires to become a heroine.

Not Rated
Not Rated
Comedy, Horror Telugu 01st Jan, 2016

A. L. Vijay

Director, Story Writer

Mano Murthy

Music Director


Krishna Kumar (Prabhu Deva) longs for searching for his desired lady. He always wanted a modern woman. His father (Joy Mathew) wants him to get wedded. His father then chooses an old-fashioned girl from their village. He weds the girl, Devi (Tamannaah), unwillingly. He attempts to get freed of her and moves to a new house to sneak her from his buddies. 

After moving, Devi's character changes, which confuses Krishna. He sulkily takes her to a film festival where she dances and declares herself Ruby. She draws the attention of a superstar Raj Khanna (Sonu Sood). Krishna interrogates about the apartment with his neighbors and discovers about the former owner, a girl called Ruby, an actress who commits suicide in that same apartment. He then realizes that his wife is possessed by Ruby. Ruby receives an acting proposal for the third series of a movie with Raj, and she pushes Krishna to let her attend every practice. Ultimately, Krishna makes an agreement with her to end this after one movie. Through the filmmaking process which comprises Krishna lying to Devi, Krishna begins to apprehend his wife and falls in love with her. At the release of the movie, Krishna celebrates Ruby for her performance, but she deceives him and does not part with Devi's body as agreed. At that point, Raj also confesses his love to her. She faints and is hastened to the hospital. The doctor reports that Devi is pregnant with Krishna's baby. Krishna urges Ruby to leave his wife's body, and Ruby agrees. The movie gets concluded with a happy ending.