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Shaadi Mubarak (2021) : Review

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Madhav Sunnipenta (Sagar RK Naidu) is an NRI who comes to India all the way from Australia only to find a perfect bride for him. He lands in Hyderabad and gets prepared to attend three Pelli Choopulu in a single day. Satyabhama (Drishya Raghunath) is the daughter of a wedding consultant. On behalf of her father, Satyabhama accompanies Madhav to his Pellichoopulu. But Madhav who keeps all the three brides aside falls in love with the wedding consultant Satyabhama. Will she accept his love? How Madhav fell in love with her? forms the rest of the story. 



Most of the story takes place in a single day inside a car. This is something new. The situational comedy worked out well for the film. The songs are also embedded at perfect timings without hindering the story flow. Despite having a simple and routine love story, the director tried to bring freshness with the chemistry between the leads. The misunderstandings between them, their fights, and the relationship between them are executed well. Despite having some outdated comedy episodes, the film is somewhat entertaining.  

Music is just average. None of the songs succeeded in making an impact. Srikanth Naroj's visuals are bright and colorful. Editing could have been better. Production values are decent. 

Coming to the performances, RK Naidu did a decent job in his NRI role. He looked quite charming and delivered an honest performance. Even in the emotional sequences, his performance is appreciable. Drishya Raghunath looked beautiful in the film and did a good job in essaying her role. Rahul Ramakrishna's comedy added strength to the film. The rest of the actors also performed well.


Shaadi Mubarak is a blend of impressive chemistry between the leads, good comedy timing, slow first half, and flawed second half. 

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