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Ramayya Vasthavayya (2013)

Nandu is a college student who lives a simple & happy life. He falls in love with Akarsha. Nandu decides to accompany Akarsha to her hometown for her sister's wedding, where the story takes an unexpected twist. It is revealed that Akarsha's father & Nandu have a violent past,which involves Ammulu & an evil politician Bikshapathi. What is that past & Who is Nandu? The story revolves

Not Rated
Not Rated
Drama, Action, Romance Telugu 2h 46min A 11th Oct, 2013

Harish Shankar

Director, Story Writer, Dialogue Writer

S Thaman

Music Director

Dil Raju


Chota K Naidu

Director of Photography

Kanal Kannan

Stunt Director

Ananta Sriram



Nandu (Jr NTR) and his group of friends are happy go lucky guys and he gets struck when he sees Akarsha (Samantha). From thereon, he tries all ways to impress her and finally manages to do that. He is invited for Akarsha's sister marriage and there he meets her father (Mukesh Rishi) who is going through a series of life threats and other issues from hidden enemies. Nandu comes forward and offers to help. However, there is a motive behind Nandu's help and what happens from there forms the rest of the story.