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A tale of a mother's quest to find her child and the demons plaguing him.

Not Rated
Mystery, Thriller, Drama Telugu 2h 12min 19th Jun, 2020

Keerthy Suresh




Madhampatty Rangaraj

Supporting Actor


as David

Eashvar Karthic

Director, Screenplay Writer

Santhosh Narayanan

Music Director



Karthik Subbaraj


Palani Karthik

Director of Photography

Pallavi Singh

Costume Designer


Rhythm (Keerthy Suresh), a divorcee who is about to have a child from second wedlock, is scandalized by the horrors in her dreams in which she observes a man with an umbrella crippling her missing son Ajay from her first wedding. The movie then progresses to the past where her son goes missing into the woods. All his other friends come back except him and upon asking a child sees him going away with a man disguised as Charlie Chaplin. Rhythm then seeks for Ajay but fails. She continually recalls her lost son which mortifies her. She keeps going back to the lake where Ajay disappeared. One evening when she drove by the lake, she notices a dying man. He informs her that he saw a missing child with a man disguised as Charlie Chaplin and asks her to escape before he comes to kill her and then she escapes. Possessing a clue about the abductor of her son, she informs the police of what she heard from the dead man. Eventually, she goes by the lake, and there she notices her son Ajay all grown up but abused and tamed like a pet, who acts only on instructions. Rhythm and Ajay's birth father (Linga) try getting abundant therapy for him but in vain. Ajay draws a few images of his abductor. It is revealed through the images that the kidnapper is still shadowing him. Rhythm gets close to uncovering the kidnapper's identification when he meets Ajay but is tackled by him. The remainder of the story reveals Dr. David as a child abductor and human meat butcher but Rhythm's true nemesis is her own childhood friend who kidnapped her son and abused him for years.