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O Pittakatha

A young girl is missing while on vacation. An inspector tries to uncover the mystery behind it and finds some shocking revelations.

Not Rated
Romance, Thriller Telugu 2h 08min U 06th Mar, 2020

Nitya Shetty

as Venkata Lakshmi

Sanjay Rao

as Prabhu

Viswant Duddumpudi

as Krish


Supporting Actor

Chendu Muddhu

Director, Story Writer, Screenplay Writer, Dialogue Writer

V Anand Prasad


Praveen Lakkaraju

Music Director, Playback Singer



Sweekar Agasthi

Playback Singer

Sunil Kumar N

Director of Photography


Venkata Lakshmi (Nitya Shetty) is a college student who leads a happy life with her father in a small town named Kakinada. Prabhu(Sanjay Rao), who works with Venkata Lakshmi’s father falls in love with her straight since his childhood days. Even Venkata Lakshmi embraces and loves Prabhu and Krish (Viswant) who travels from China to Kakinada visits his estranged uncle’s house to relieve the split between his mom and him. While there, he too falls for Venkata Lakshmi. After comprehending that both Prabhu and Lakshmi are already in love with each other, he schemes to divide them. He also asks his uncle to give her hand in marriage so the two families consolidate again. Meantime, Lakshmi goes on a holiday to Araku and goes missing. While the sub-inspector Ajay Kumar (Brahmaji) tries to solve the strange mystery and soon recognizes the presence of Prabhu. He initially doubts Krish but he later realizes that he’s more loaded with wealth than Venkata Lakshmi and he is in love with her. Prabhu is the probable suspect. But later, the police officer understands that Prabhu is innocent too. How the mystery slowly unravels forms the crux of this humorous and thrilling movie.