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A 10 year old boy living on an island, sets off on a journey to search his long lost elder brother Akbar.   

Not Rated
Crime, Action, Drama Telugu 1h 57min U/A 16th Oct, 2020

Nivin Pauly

as Akbar, Bhai

Shashank Arora

as Salim

Geethu Mohandas

Director, Screenplay Writer

Sagar Desai

Music Director

Rajeev Ravi

Director of Photography

Ajith Kumar


Maxima Basu

Costume Designer

Anurag Kashyap



Moothon is the story of a 10-year-old boy Mulla who comes to Mumbai from Lakshadweep in search of his missing elder brother Akbar. In the pursuit of finding his brother, he takes a risky trip into the murkier world of Mumbai.