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Krishna And His Leela

Tracing the path of Krishna whose girlfriend breaks up with him and he finds love with another woman, but he realises he loves both the women equally. How he manages to understand himself is the story.

Not Rated
Comedy, Romance, Drama Telugu 2h 05min 25th Jun, 2020

Seerat Kapoor

as Ruksaar

Shalini Vadnikatti

as Radha


as geetha

Samyuktha Hornadu

as arya

Shraddha Srinath

as Sathya

Sidhu Jonnalagadda

Editor, as krishna

Sampath Raj

as Krishna's Father

Viva Harsha

as harsha

Ravikanth Perepu

Director, Story Writer, Screenplay Writer, Editor

Daggubati Suresh Babu



Sathya (Shraddha Srinath) splits with Krishna (Siddu Jonnalagadda) and shifts to Bangalore. After going through a broken phase, Krishna chooses to move on and convenes Radha (Shalini Vaddikanti), and they start dating. Krishna leaves to Bangalore as he receives a job offer and decides to have a long-distance relationship with her. In Bangalore, Krishna meets Rukhsar (Seerat Kapoor) and gets close to her. He also faces and reconnects with Sathya, and confesses Radha regarding his association with Sathya. Radha comes to Bangalore and all of them take a vacation to Coorg. After returning to Bangalore, eventually, Krishna and Sathya get more intimate, he eventually breaks up with Radha and has a new relationship with Sathya. But after an incident with Radha, a guilt-ridden Krishna lies to Radha that he and Sathya aren't dating, and reunites with her, concurrently dating the two ladies. Krishna's sister's wedding is fixed. Throughout the wedding, Krishna tries to control Sathya and Radha, contriving numerous lies, and his situation is caught by his father. He suggests Krishna to be realistic and make a choice between the two ladies. Krishna then admits to the two ladies that he has been deceiving them, and they both leave him. Krishna later writes a book about his catastrophes with Sathya and Radha and publishes it. The book is a triumph, and through a meet and greet, unveils that he sustains a great rapport with the two ladies. Eventually, he proposes Rukhsar.