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Dr.Rajasekhar's Kalki (2019)

The internal politics to get the power of Kollapur village has been going on for a long time.

Drama, Thriller, Action Telugu 2h 22min U/A 28th Jun, 2019

Adah Sharma


Dr Rajasekhar


Nandita Swetha


Ashutosh Rana

Supporting Actor


Supporting Actor

Rahul Ramakrishna

as Journalist Devadatta

Prasanth Varma


C Kalyan


Shivathmika Rajashekar


Hemachandra Vedala

Playback Singer


The internal politics to get the power of Kollapur village has been going on for a long time. Narsappa (Ashutosh Rana), the brother of the Zamindar of Kollapur, kills his brother in the greed of ruling the place. But due to a series of incidents, the power shifts to his sister- in law's hands. To fulfill his evil intentions, he poisons the mind of his nephew, Perumallu (Shatru). Perumallu kills his mother along with few other people and both Perumallu and Narsappa join hands. They begin to spread terror in the village and people start to suffer under their rule. Soon, differences pop up between Peeumallu and Narsappa and Perumallu walks out of Narsappa's political party. Things take an ugly turn when Narsappa's brother, Shekhar Babu (Siddhu Jonnalagedda), gets killed. He is kind and gentle, unlike his villainous brother. Perumallu goes into hiding, fearing retaliation from Narsappa. IPS officer, Kalki (Rajasekhar), is appointed to investigate the mishap and he gets help from reporter Devadutta (Rahul Ramakrishna). Both of them share the knowledge that they have regarding the case and go in search of newer clues. A very big confusion enters in the name of Asima Khan (Nandita Swetha), who is rumored to be Shekhar's beau. The suspicious sinking of three boats that were taking pilgrims to Srisailam, the enmity between Perumallu and Narsappa, Kalki's emotional and unfortunate past with Dr. Padma (Adha Sharma), the mysterious death of Shekhar Babu - together form the rest of the story. Kalki and Devadutta set out on a dangerous mission to unfold the secrets and reveal the truth.