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Ammoru Thalli (2020)

A local deity comes to the rescue of her followers and her land from the clutches of a greedy baba.  

Not Rated
Comedy, Drama Telugu 2h 14min 14th Nov, 2020

RJ Balaji

Actor, Director, Screenplay Writer

NJ Saravanan

Director, Screenplay Writer

Girishh Gopalakrishnan

Music Director

Dinesh krishnan

Director of Photography

Selva RK


Vijayakumar R

Art Director

Smruthi Venkat

Supporting Actress

Ajay Ghosh

Supporting Actor


A local reporter does an investigation on a religious conman. One day he makes a pilgrimage to his family deity to seek her blessings. There he encounters the deity. How the deity changes his life, the conman's life, and the village's life, forms the rest of the story?