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3 couples who get separated from each other due to an evil ploy, reincarnate after 600 years and meet each other as history repeats itself again and their respective partners get mixed up this time.


The story is based on reincarnation, spanning a period of 600 years from 1419 to 2019. Harry is a barber who frequently gets bizarre flashes of a past era. He runs a barber shop in London with his brothers Roy and Max. Harry's forgetful nature causes him to misplace a bag of 5 million pounds which belonged to a gangster named Michael Bhai. As a result, Michael's henchman Big Bhai constantly demands them to return the money. To fulfil this demand, the three brothers get engaged to the three daughters of London's rich business tycoon Thakral: Harry is dating Pooja, Roy is dating Neha and Max is dating Kriti. Mysterious circumstances cause the destination wedding to take place in Sitamgarh, India. On arriving in Sitamgarh, Aakhri Pasta a bellboy at their hotel, recognises them as reincarnations of people that lived 600 years ago, i.e. in 1419. Harry realises that the flashes he sees have something to do with what Pasta was talking about. To meet him, Harry drives to the nearby town of Madhavgarh where he starts to see the flashes clearly.

In 1419, Rajkumar Bala Dev Singh of Madhavgarh was banished by his father Maharaj Parikshitap, since Bala tried to kill him to become King. Bala's servant Pehla Pasta informs him of Sitamgarh - a nearby kingdom whose King, Maharaj Surya Singh Rana, is looking for grooms for his three daughters: Rajkumari Madhu, Rajkumari Mala and Rajkumari Meena. Bala plans to marry Rajkumari Madhu, the eldest Princess, so that he becomes the Maharaj of Sitamgarh.

Bala meets Bangdu Maharaj, an effeminate dance teacher who has an affair with Mala. Meena is secretly in love with the brave bodyguard of the three princesses, Dharamputra. Bala helps the two couples get together and enlists their help for uniting him with Madhu. The plan works and Maharaj Surya Singh Rana announces the wedding of Madhu with Bala, Mala with Bangdu, and Meena with Dharamputra. However, Suryabhan, Surya Singh Rana's nephew, wants the throne for himself. He kills the brother of Sitamgarh's enemy clan's leader, Gama and frames the three couples for it. On the day of the wedding, Gama storms into the palace and fights them to avenge his brother. During the fight, Bala realises that he now truly loves Madhu, even though initially she was just the path to the throne for him. During the fight, the wedding mandap (altar) collapses and kills the three couples along with Gama.

Back in the present, Harry realises that the grooms are set to marry the wrong brides. Pasta helps Harry remind Roy and Max of their lives as Bangdu Maharaj and Dharamputra, respectively. Just then, they are introduced to Pappu Rangeela, a qawwali singer and a cousin of the girls. He is the reincarnation of Gama but has no recollection of his past life. Meanwhile, Pasta finds a painting of their past lives' wedding day which shows Bala with Madhu, Bangdu with Mala, and Dharamputra with Meena to make the girls remember their past lives and also to avoid marrying each other's love. Before they can show this painting to the girls to remind them of their past lives, it gets in the hands of Pappu Rangeela and he remembers his life as Gama.

Pappu crashes the wedding and a fight plays out. The fight makes Pooja and Neha remember their past lives. Soon, Michael Bhai, now revealed to be the reincarnation of Suryabhan, shows up at the wedding for his money and shoots Gama. Kriti remembers everything when she sees Michael Bhai and also reveals that the wedding mandap hadn't collapsed on its own - it was broken down by Suryabhan to kill everyone so that he could be the Maharaj of Sitamgarh. Michael Bhai recounts his past life and boasts how he got Gama's brother killed. Pappu Rangeela hears this and pushes Michael Bhai into the collapsing mandap, thus getting his revenge.

The film ends on a happy note with Harry marrying Kriti, Roy marrying Pooja and Max marrying Neha, thus completing their 600-year-old love story.

Critic Review

3 years ago | TIMES OF INDIA


In 1419, the love stories of three couples are left unfinished owing to a conspiracy. In 2019, reincarnated, they meet again and the romances are rekindled. But this time pairings are mixed up. Can what was done in 1419 be undone in 2019?

In its fourth edition the Housefull franchise ensures that it takes its brand of over the top and mindless humour forward. Actually, it's more like the reverse, since it rewinds back six hundred years to the 15th century.

But first, it's London of 2019, where Harry (Akshay Kumar) is a hairdresser who alternately has bouts of memory loss and flashes from his past life. Max (Bobby Deol) and Roy (Riteish Deshmukh) are his brothers. Together they hatch a plan to marry Kriti, Neha and Pooja (Kriti Sanon, Kriti Kharbanda and Pooja Hegde respectively), the three daughters of a billionaire, Thakral (Ranjeet), to be able to pay off the loot money of a mafia don Michael that they have misplaced. When the marriage destination is inadvertently fixed as Sitamgarh in India, the couples head there and Harry meets his past life friend Aakhri Pasta (Chunky Pandey) and recalls everything from that time. The three pairs of lovers - Rajkumar Bala Dev Singh (Akshay Kumar) and Princess Madhu (Kriti Sanon), Bangdu Maharaj (Riteish Deshmukh) and Princess Mala (Pooja Hegde), Angrakshak Dharamputra (Bobby Deol, yes the pun is not lost here) and Princess Meena (Kriti Kharbanda) are killed, leaving their love stories unfinished when they get caught up in an evil design to eliminate them. Although, Bala himself is 'shaitaan ka sala' and has laid a trap to marry Mala, so that he can become the king of Sitamgarh.

The main hitch now is that, in 2019 the couples are mixed up, and Bala (Akshay Kumar) decides that the pairings must be set right so none of them end up with their sister or brother-in-law from their past life.

So with this central plot point in hand, Housefull4 takes off. Of course, this mission to set things 'right' leads to confusions galore and a deluge of characters, who spring in and out of the narrative and from their last life to present life. There is a sprinkling of mindless comic moments owing to the general silliness all around. And a dollop of low- brow, crass humor. A special low point is when Princess Meena pretends to be molested to convince Dharamputra to marry her. Add to that, there are portions that drag and jokes that feel dated.

The film's increasingly loud background score (especially in the second half) and the CGI in the period setting leave a lot to be desired. And a running joke on three pigeons named Neil, Nitin and Mukesh that doesn't actually fly.

Of the actresses, it is Kriti Sanon who has the most lengthy role and she pulls it off well. Kriti Kharbanda and Pooja Hegde are reduced to being props, owing to their limited screen time. Interestingly, all three are uniformly dressed in the same colors, as if it were a deliberate attempt to not be able to tell them apart. Riteish Deshmukh gets the quirks of his characters well and does manage to pull in some laughs. Manoj Pahwa, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Rana Daggubatti and Johnny Lever have their oddball parts to play in the film - though some seem just pointless. And yes, Archana Puran Singh pops up often in a photo.

But largely, it is Akshay Kumar who has the most fleshed out role and shoulders most of the film. And he definitely shines in most of them getting the comic timing right.

Needless to add, don't go looking for logic in Housefull4 (but still, how did the blood on Rana Daggubatti's blue jacket magically disappear in the last scene?). In the last 30 minutes, Kriti repeatedly asks, "Yeh sab kya ho raha hain?" A sentiment that could be echoed by the viewers.

Overall, Housefull4 ends up as a complete mad caper. Which, if you're a fan of the Housefull brand of comedy, might appeal to you. But if you are not, then proceed with caution.

Movie Details

3 couples who get separated from each other due to an evil ploy, reincarnate after 600 years and meet each other as history repeats itself again and their respective partners get mixed up this time.

Genre : Comedy, Fantasy, Drama
Language : Hindi
Director : Farhad Samji | Sajid Khan
Producer : Sajid Nadiadwala
Release Date(Theater) : 25th Oct, 2019
Runtime : 2h 22min
Production Co : Fox Star StudiosNadiadwala Grandson Entertainment
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