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Home Blog Samantha Akkineni - A Mystical Beauty that Bewitched the Film Industry for 11 Years

Samantha Akkineni - A Mystical Beauty that Bewitched the Film Industry for 11 Years

Samantha Akkineni has completed a decade in the South Film Industry and has done so with soaring altitudes of success. Her extraordinary stardom perhaps is just like Rome, which wasn't built in a day. Within 10 years, Samantha managed to survive the industry's unforgiving stereotypes and has invested her complete dedication into her art. With her meticulous selection of film roles, she rapidly elevated her performance and skills with every film she has done to date. Today, this phenomenal actress is in the position of doing films as the female lead. 

It all started when she descended into the Tollywood industry with her debut film Gautham Vasudev Menon's "Ye Maaya Chesave". This youth's beloved film kickstarted her career as she enchanted the audience with her role as Jessie Thekekuttu as an amorous lover opposite Naga Chaitanya.

 I cannot begin to express how adorable I find that the same person Samantha acted within her first-ever film is now blissfully married to her! 

For quite a few days Samantha has been very active on her social media handles reliving and relishing her special memories of her decade in the South Film Industry. Samantha's die-hard fans and admirers took it to social media to bid her congratulations and posted adorable photo collages and video montages of her old cinemas. When it comes to her social media success, this gifted actress has now rightfully earned an exceptional achievement on social media by exceeding 15 million followers on Instagram. Other than that, several rumors were spiraling around that Samantha's upcoming bilingual film could be a horror one. Therefore one of her fans asked on Twitter if this film was a true-blue horror flick. Surprisingly, Samantha replies to the fan's tweet by saying that it would be something a lot more than just horror.      

She is currently juggling three projects in her hands and will be appearing in Amazon Originals The Family Man season 2, a Tamil film "Kathuvaakula Rendu Kaadhal" and a Telugu film "Shaakuntalam". The list was quite a mouthful to say, no wonder that Samantha is so proficient and competent in her film career! She is just one step away from making a pan-Indian recognition in the industry and her fans are super pumped about it! To give a little more insight about her Bollywood debut, Samantha Akkineni is perfectly buckled up to make her digital appearance in The Family Man 2 starring male-lead Manoj Bajpayee. The buzz is that she will be playing an antagonistic role and no one saw it coming! The bar of expectations is set high as not many protagonist actors manage to perfect the skills to portray a negative role. For example, natural star Nani always has been doing a perfectly splendid job as the hero of the film, but for a change, he played the villain in his recent movie "V", and it didn't quite turn out well for him.  

Now, I have talked a lot about her cinematic universe of wonders and achievements, but allow me to tell you, the list does not finish here yet. I think we are all well aware of the talk show that Samantha Akkineni has begun which is now streaming on the OTT platform AHA Video. This entertaining and jovial talk show is titled the "SamJam show" and this impromptu interview show's first-ever episode got premiered on 13 November 2020. The show certainly seems to be successfully boosting the morale of both celebrities and the audience. Several hot-shot celebrities have appeared on the SamJam show such as Allu Arjun, Megastar Chiranjeevi, Vijay Deverakonda, Naga Chaitanya, etc. Kudos to Samantha for flawlessly making her triumphant talk show amid this dreadful pandemic! 

To get a little candid, Samantha's hobbies have always been reading, listening to music, shopping and gym training. 

Many of her fans can gladly relate to her hobbies as these are something many people do too. But ever since the infamous COVID-19 lockdown, Samantha has surprised us all with her new hobby i.e. gardening!  It all started when she shared a photo of herself with her home-grown lettuce on her Instagram handle. 

She observed contentment in discovering a new hobby other than acting as stated by herself. Samantha's work with gardening expanded her horizons to a completely different dimension and this delightful gardening phase influenced her fans to use their free time for something productive. Later on, she also revealed her first batch of microgreens on Instagram along with giving step-by-step instructions for her followers to cultivate their microgreens at their homes. 

Every actor and actresses have a comfortable life of privilege and they are highly renowned for their professional reel life. But there is one aspect that segregates reel and real-life heroes from only reel-life heroes. And that one aspect is charity. Don't we audience and fans love it when our favorite actor or actress indulges themselves in charity and helps the unprivileged? One among that precious reel and real-life heroes is one and only Samantha Akkineni. The actress is well known for her social service organization goes by the name of the Prathyusha Foundation. She has donated crores of rupees for the poor children and women who require monetary aid for their health concerns.


Samantha has also made an intriguing revelation in an interview. She said, "Many girls are out there who are much beautiful and more talented than me, but God gave me this chance to become a heroine. As he gave me so much, I am doing a little bit of social service in return. If at all I have to quit films, I would choose full-time social service as my alternative to films."

Samantha's Pratyusha Foundation has been aiding the underprivileged people by giving medical support to women and children while satisfying the wishes of those children aching from terminal medical conditions. This charity wonder has been jointly associating itself with hospitals like Rainbow, Continental, Livlife, Ankira, and Andhra hospitals in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh states. The principal duties of the Pratyusha Organization are creating free medical check-up camps, free child vaccination camps, blood donation camps, awareness programs, and supporting families financially to surmount critical conditions and their medical emergencies.


Samantha is now at the peak of her acting career wherein, she is outstandingly famous in both Telugu and Tamil film industries. Her fluidity in carefully picking the film roles is impeccable. The 32-year-old is a social media junkie and does not shy away from expressing herself and her opinions through her influential platform.

Now, am pleased to list out Samantha's top-five films which I think are epic milestones of her career.

Eega (2012)

Fittingly, this S.S Rajamouli's magnum opus can be described as the "turning point" of Samantha's career. In this Oscar-nominated movie, Samantha plays the role of Bindu, who is an introverted lady, runs an educational non-profit organization, and is also into micro art. She played this role flawlessly and accomplished to seize the attention of many critics who lauded her performance. 


U-Turn (2018)

This film is special because this is the first-ever film where Samantha played a solo lead role in a film. Performing the role of a responsible urban youngster, she portrayed a journalist in this film who goes by the name Rachana. Her role as an investigative journalist was complimented by prominent critics and had blown away the box office making it a super-hit film. This thrilling film has unquestionably taken Samantha's acting skills to the next level and has raised her standards yet further.


 Rangasthalam (2018)

Samantha played the role of a straightforward and lively village belle in this film. This was one of the most challenging roles for Samantha to play as she had to completely get out of her comfort zone and had to adapt to a completely different accent and mold into a different person. She received both audience's bottomless ocean of love and also got lauded by several movie critics. Samantha has managed to become this film's backbone with her experimental role as Ramalakshmi.


 Super Deluxe (2019)

The Tamil film Super Deluxe could be declared as the most controversial movie in Samantha's career depicts some gut-wrenching realities of our societies. Samantha plays the role of Vaembu, an ordinary woman who cheats on her spouse with an ex-boyfriend. But she falls in trouble as her ex-boyfriend passes away right in bed. The moment Samantha accepted this role she broke many vicious stereotypes that are deemed on a "typical South Indian actress". Her brilliant acting in this film has won her the Zee Cine Awards (Tamil) in the category Best Actor Jury Special - Female. Along with the Edison Awards and Critics Choice Film Awards in a similar category. Super Deluxe also got screened at Fantasia International Film Festival, the largest genre film festival in North America


Oh! Baby (2019)

This movie is a women-centric flick is Nandini Reddy's remake of a Korean film where Samantha again plays the solo female lead. But in this movie, she went on a unique route where she portrayed herself as a woman who has a personality of different generations. In this film, she plays the role of a comical 24-year old who goes by the name Swathi. The amusement starts when Swathi behaves in a grandmotherly manner with a guy she fancies a lot. This film blew up the box office yet again as Samantha pitched in her finest performance in Oh! Baby. What makes this film special, is that Samantha managed to impress some of the hardcore critics and has gained their appreciation. 

When one truly tries to express the greatness of Samantha Akkineni, the person can never rest because words fall short for this astonishingly capable woman who has invested her most exceptional work in the South Film industry. She is also truly a real-life 'Wonder woman' and she merits and deserves every speck of love and affection she gets from her fans and supporters.




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