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Home Blog Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Winner: Can you guess?!!
Who's worthy to become Bigg Boss 4 Telugu winner?

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Winner: Can you guess?!!

Now that the 4th season of the legendary show Bigg Boss Telugu has transcended into its 15th week, only five meticulous and proficient contestants have been able to sustain. All contestants have their positive aspects backed up with drawbacks yet, all five of the players have managed to come this far. The contestants are Abijeet Duddala, Ariyana Glory, Syed Sohel Ryan, Harika Alekhya, and Akhil Sarthak respectively. Let's take a deeper look into each player's traits and analyze what probably lies ahead of them.


Abijeet Duddala is a very familiar face to the audience since he starred in the sensational Telugu movie 'Life Is Beautiful'. Therefore, most of the audience thought that Abijeet's character is similar to his film persona. Initially, he came out as quite a dull and annoying person but gradually he came out to be a prominent and calculative player.

  • The most genuine and respectable player in the house.
  • He is a level-headed, mature person and takes accountability for his mistakes.
  • He hardly disappoints his fans and is always loved and supported by them.

  • Gained a lot of backlash because of his inactivity and idleness during physical tasks.
  • Got nominated very often as he posed a probable threat to other contestants' games.

Abijeet has garnered a reputation to be the "TRP King" of the Bigg Boss Telugu 4 house for many reasons. Being targeted by the host every weekend is one of them. Abijeet has always learned from his mistakes and made sure he played better than his last time. His developing personality has impressed Bigg Boss himself and this reason is enough to get the odds of winning in his favor.


Ariyana Glory is an anchor and not a very familiar face for the Bigg Boss Telugu audience. But ever since she has joined Bigg Boss Telugu 4 house, she has stunned not only the housemates but also the audience. Ariyana has also successfully gained a huge fan base due to her very interesting personality and strategies. Ariyana has always been an unstoppable and bold player and also faced the consequences for that.


  • She is charismatic and a dauntless player who always stands up for herself.
  • She has great leadership skills and has proved her worth with her impeccable influence in the house.
  • She always absorbs criticism and uses it to improve her gameplay and character.
  • She sometimes comes off as an aggressive person and it hurts other contestants.
  • She often ends up being nominated due to her boldness and influence in her behavior and gameplay.
  • Her feuds with contestant Sohel has quite hindered her good reputation in the house.


Ariyana has sustained in the house despite being lonely and getting criticized for her influence and sway in the house. She is the strongest competitor and that poses a threat to other players' game. Ariyana's persona has also been praised by Akkineni Samantha. Ultimately, Ariyana highly deserves the Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 title as her gameplay is steadfast and astonishing.



Tollywood Soap opera actor Sohel has been a rumble of thunder in the house since day one. He has gained a lot of attention and prominence due to his charisma, energy, and strong opinions. Sohel also managed to have a 'fan army' among the Bigg Boss viewers because of his interesting and pompous person.


  • He is highly engaging and entertaining towards the housemates and audience.
  • He is glorified and adored by his fans as well as fellow contestants.
  • His impressive and energetic gameplay is commendable.
  • He plays his game by initiating groups.
  • His short temper and aggression might have hindered his image.
  • Due to playing a safe game, Sohel hardly ever got nominated, and that lead him in getting comparatively lower votes.


Syed Sohel is a deserving runner-up candidate. Although, he might not be a cut-throat competition to the other players as he gets lower votes. This hinders his chances of becoming the winner of the Bigg Boss Telugu 4 title.


Alekhya Harika is an influential YouTube sensation who also goes by the name "Dethadi Harika". She had a strong fan base even before she joined the Bigg Boss Telugu house. Harika is known for her funny, kind, and captivating nature. She has been consistent in all aspects throughout her journey in the Bigg Boss Telugu house.


  • She has been given the title "Queen of tasks"
  • Harika is very empathetic and she is adored by her housemates and the audience for that.
  • She is highly competitive and her passion for her gameplay is praiseworthy.
  • Sometimes she gets manipulated by other players due to her generous nature.

Harika is a stubborn contestant who never gives up no matter what. She is very intelligent and is praised a lot by almost every celebrity guest who visited the show. She also maintains good ties with all her housemates. Her vast fanbase will most probably help her win the game, but the odds of Harika being a runner-up are relatively much higher.


Actor and Model Akhil Sarthak has been a renowned player in Bigg Boss Telugu house ever since he started his game. His friendship and bond with ex-housemate Monal and his competitor Sohel have given him a considerable amount of attention and limelight by the audience. Akhil is a meticulous, sometimes goofy, and serious contestant who tends to analyze things.


  • His polite and humble personality makes him desirable.
  • Akhil is passionately dedicated to doing tasks and winning them.
  • He is a very calculative and pragmatic player.
  • His feuds with Abijeet has certainly got him an inferior reputation.
  • He is often misunderstood by his fellow housemates and the audience.
  • His temperamental behavior hinders his relations in the house by getting him into unnecessary disputes with housemates.


Akhil is a highly competitive player and due to this, he gets nominated very often as this hinders other players' games. He has certainly earned his way towards being a finalist. If being a winner was based on personality the Akhil would've had a good chance of being the winner. But due to lack of votes, his best odds are towards being a runner-up.

Clapnumber Bigg Boss Polls Results: 


According to the graph, it doesn't take a genius to tell who's probably going to be the winner as Abijeet has the most vote count when compared to the rest of the four contestants. The second highest is Ariyana followed by Sohel, Harika, and then there is Akhil who shockingly has the least number of votes in our poll. In the last few weeks, Sohel bumped up his game and his popularity grew at an exponential rate. He is not only giving a tough competition to Ariyana but also to Abijeet.


To conclude this analysis, technically it is fair to assume that the winner could be either Abijeet or Ariyana or Sohel, where the majority of the winning odds are with Abijeet. I wouldn't be surprised if even Sohel became the winner considering his strong fan base and voter influence. When it comes to the third position, it could be either Ariyana or Akhil as their popularity is less when compared to Abijeet and Sohel. Frankly speaking, Harika will probably be out of the game given that her voting influence is feeble and she doesn't stand a chance of being the winner. Although since the past three Bigg Boss seasons only men have won, so it would be very empowering and great if Ariyana wins the title considering her votes and influence. "


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