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Home Blog Abijeet wins millions of hearts with Bigg Boss 4 Telugu
Mr Cool Abijeet

Abijeet wins millions of hearts with Bigg Boss 4 Telugu

Abijeet Duddala, the young and talented actor made his debut in Tollywood with the movie Life is Beautiful, directed by Sekhar Kammula. Even though he had a great start, life was not always easy, as the actor had limited offers after his debut. He did a couple of movies, but they didn't fare well at the box-office.

Before he could be written-off, an opportunity came knocking on his door with Bigg Boss Season 4, and this time he is making it count.

This cool, calm, and composed contestant in the Bigg Boss had no takers for his game in the initial days of the play. As the days passed by, week after week Abijeet started stealing millions of heart, he is now a sensation among the players and is a serious contender for the title this season.

His initial days in Bigg Boss

The very first week he came into the house he was nominated. Housemates took their time to understand this sweet and amicable person. Abijeet always looked unperturbed about nominations and stayed focussed on the game. Abijeet has been in nominations for a maximum number of times, but this never let him lose his cool. The only housemate who stayed cool and composed from the beginning of the game. His smartness in playing the game unraveled during the Robo-task, his moves in the task won him appreciation from fellow housemates and the host Nagarjuna. Although met with disdain from the opposite team he was later appreciated by all, even the elderly person in the house Gangavva supported him.

A shoulder injury hasn't let him actively take part in other tasks, which drew a lot of flak from fellow housemates and viewers outside the house. The clarity in thoughts, his down to earth attitude towards fellow housemates, his decency, politeness slowly made everyone idolize him. He has got a huge fanbase both inside and outside the house now. Contestants evicted from the house Noel Sean, Lasya, Mehaboob, Avinash etc., heaped praises on his performance and attitude.

The person he is?

Abijeet has been the witty contestant in the house, his wits amused Bigg Boss at times. He is cool as a cucumber, accomodating every housemate in the house. His easy-going attitude never let him sway away from a fight, he always stood by his point and made it clear to all. Contestants in the house always feared about their screen presence on how it would reach the audience, but for Abijeet, he always tried to be himself, and for the audience, it was something captivating. When it came to giving his piece of mind he dared everyone in the house and did not even spare Bigg Boss, as he values his virtues and the decorum and dignity of a person above any person, rule, or a decree.  

Questionalble screen time

For unstated reasons, Bigg Boss has been cutting short Abijeet's screen presence. The audience gets a hold of this fact from the evicted contestants or their interviews outside the house. Whatever the reason is behind the trimming of the footage, but the truth Abijeet's behavior with fellow contestants couldn't be concealed. From their account, it's apparent that he has been a mentor, friend, brother, and above all a great human being in the house. He has been a person who always stood by his friends and stayed on it even though it brought him trouble.

Cast down in BiggBoss

Abijeet had a low time in Bigg Boss the past week, this was because he did not do a task given to him by Bigg Boss. Later, during the weekend show the host Nagarjuna reprimanded him and went on to the extent of showing him the doors to leave the contest. Harika was also heavily criticized for supporting Abijeet during the week. Team BiggBoss also tried to exploit her mindset and gameplan towards Abijeet, as she is the only one staying by his side. Which changed equations, people switching sides, Abijeet was left as a lone ranger fighting both inside out. Had it been any other player, would have easily succumbed to the sheer pressure but it was Abijieet. He cleared his discrepancies with the host Nagarjuna and won the hearts both inside and out. Though people supporting him inside the house changed he remained the same in terms of support and loyalty, this gesture of him has won good friends for him over the weeks.

Abijeet's character-likeness 

He is the super cool contestant compared to anyone from all 4 seasons in Telugu Bigg Boss. He is very slow to get angry and fast to react to any situation. A man of his word who doesn't believe in slaying opponents for his gains and always treats everyone with utmost respect and reverence irrespective of who they are. Unperturbed about not becoming the captain or failing to get the ticket to the finale he stuck his aim to get the trophy. He is very optimistic and terms his BiggBoss journey as an experience for him, and he counts every day passing in the house as a reward for him. He deals with every challenge using his wits and made him the smart player in the house.




Mama's boy who grew to become a Gentleman

Abijeet comes from a well-educated family, who always gave priority to education. His mother recollects brave acts by Abijeet from a very young age. His adventure to attend swimming classes in the country club from Domalguda in Hyderabad to Begumpet, on his bicycle at a very young age exuded confidence in their parents on his capabilities of decision making and his confidence. His mother is his pillar of strength, she believes her son is gifted and would excel soon in the industry. Abijeet forayed into the Tollywood industry against the wishes of his Father, but now his father is proud of his feats. An obedient son who always respected his parents and proud parents who are overwhelmed with the growing love towards their son makes him a complete family man. 

Public opinion about Abijeet

Akkineni Amala applauded him for being the best co-star and a talented actor, after working with him for Life is beautiful. It was not a planned move to enter the movie industry for this star. It happened accidentally. Abijeet attended auditions for Sekhar Kammula's Life is Beautiful movie, just by chance to accompany his friend, fortunately, he got selected for the movie and this made his way into Tollywood. His behavior towards his fellow contestants has made his opponent's families turn a big fan to him. Monal Gajjar who has not been on good terms with him in the house had her mother visit the show and rate Abijeet in the top position. A majority of the housemate's family opined the same, which reflects his image outside the house. The same is the case with celebrities who have taken interest in Abijeet. Kaushal Manda and Rahul, winners of previous seasons of BiggBoss have declared their support publically to Abijeet and are of the opinion he will be the title winner this season. 

He is not just popular among the youth, even the elderly and kids like him for his cool attitude. A rare feat any Bigg Boss housemate has achieved so far. For the public irrespective of the outcome, he is a title winner outrightly. Apart from his slow moves in a task, there have been positive reviews pouring on to him on social media.

Beautiful journey until now

One clip to show his character

What future holds for Abijeets? 

Abijeet is Famous now, tops every list with positive reviews. He has a huge fan following on social media now, this will certainly impact his presence in Tollywood. In the following days, he will surely make a comeback to the silver screen with a bang and join the league of successful stars like Vijay Deverakonda, Nikhil, etc. Abijeet has been a good friend of Vijay since Life is Beautiful, both share a great bonding for their mutual ideologies. Ali Reza from the previous season is making it to the silver screen along with Nagarjuna for his upcoming movie Wild Dog. The same trend will follow with Abijeet who is a big star now. Clapnumber wishes him all the best and a great career ahead in the film industry. 


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