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Home Blog FRIENDSHIP DAY SPECIAL: Top 5 movies you and your friends will deeply connect with!
Friednship day - Telugu top 5 movies

FRIENDSHIP DAY SPECIAL: Top 5 movies you and your friends will deeply connect with!

"A good friend is a connection to life—a tie to the past, a road to the future, the key to sanity in a totally insane world." —Lois Wyse  
Mr. Lois Wyse is indeed correct here. It would take an eternity to explain all the reasons why we need a friend and what value they hold in our lives. A true friend is like a building block of our personality, an escape from the worldly torments and a person we have a deep bond with even without blood relation.  Though, no friendship is perfect. Every relation has ups and downs while having life-changing repercussions. But, in most cases, if the attachment is genuine and unadulterated, the bond will survive. Every true friend will pass any challenge destiny throws at them with flying colors to save their friendship.  Since we're speaking about friendship, let's also talk about how Tollywood perfectly depicts the true nature of friendship that represents real-life situations in a unique movie script.  
Here's a list of top 5 movies that stand as some of the most iconic and relatable friendship-themed films. 

Prema Desam 

The plotline of this film is a classic 90's scenario where two best friends fall for a girl, and a sour love triangle arises. In Prema Desam, we see the precious and blissful friendship between Arun and Karthik, who became friends from rivals. It was an adorable bond to witness. Everything goes well until they both fall for the same woman, Divya. This leads to unsettling events that sabotage their friendship. However, eventually, Divya indulges in a proper conversation with the two protagonists. It doesn't accept either of them as she doesn't desire to hinder their friendship. The essence of this film is that Karthik and Arun had to sacrifice their love for a woman to save their bond from falling apart, isn't that an astounding thing to witness! Here's a small scene where we can see their deeply connected bond:  

Snehamante Ide Ra

Snehamante Ide Ra is another one of those movies that represent the pure and unconditional bond between friends. In this film, Aravind, Chandru, and Krishna Murthy share a precious bond of friendship and brotherhood since they were brought up together. A lot of drama relating to love and death ensues in this film, bringing the trio's friendship to the brink of crumbling. But over time, misunderstandings fade off slowly, Aravind, Chandru, and Krishna Murthy reunite together and lead a happy life ahead. From this film, we get to know that friendships take time to heal. But the moral is, they do heal. It is never too late to mend your broken bonds with your friends!     Here's a precious scene that portrays how special the bond of Aravind, Chandru, and Krishna Murthy: 

Happy Days

Happy Days is hands-down the most iconic friendship-themed film in the Tollywood film industry, and dare I say, the entire film industry! This film is so close to the Millennials that most of them find this film relatable in some way or another. Happy Days is about 8 college freshers' who have their own unique perceptions and personalities. They all go through a roller-coaster ride of bullying, love issues, stingy professor crisis, and of course, the never-ending fear of exams! Yet, this movie is also the epitome of how friendship exists in real life. Companies that develop into love, and friendships turn into a bond that never breaks, this film has it all. No wonder why this film still stands strong as youth's favorite to date! 
Take a look at this compilation that will make you highly nostalgic!

Life Is Beautiful

Life is Beautiful is another top-tier film that represents the most natural form of friendship. Srinu, Abhi, and Nagaraj meet each other as neighbors, but they develop an inseparable bond with time. A bond where they have each other's backs and help each other flourish in their life goals. With all the drama that ensues in their colony, the trio's bond becomes only stronger; at this point, they are just like a family. To highlight the best part of this film, when Srinu faces a family crisis with his mother, Abhi and Nagaraj never leave his side and take good care of his siblings. True friends always have each other's backs during the happiest and the lowest points of their lives. This shows how beautiful life becomes when you have genuinely good friends with you! 
Here's a heartwarming song where we see all the friends having a blissful time together: 

Arya 2

Arya 2 is one of the most iconic films that portray a unique perspective of friendship in a cinematic plot. As much as this film inclines towards romance, it also has a profound concept of the platonic bond between Arya and Ajay. Arya is a hot-headed reckless man who has a soft spot for his beloved childhood friend Ajay. Both developed a close bond during their time in the orphanage. But the duo falls apart when Ajay gets adopted by a wealthy family. Time passes by, and destiny brings Ajay and Arya together, but this time as love rivals. Again, time passes by, chaos ensues as their love interest Geetha's family causes violence against Ajay and Arya. Arya and Ajay keep aside whatever ill feelings they have against each other and fight back the antagonists with their all might. In the end, Ajay sacrifices his love for Arya, who he valued the most. This film teaches us an important lesson, though. No matter how dire circumstances get, a true friend never betrays you, no matter how bad things get. One might show awful and aggressive feelings, but there's nothing a soulful conversation cannot fix. Being expressive about one's feelings is an essential thing for maintaining a friendship. 
Here's an attractive clip where Arya doesn't betray Ajay though the latter was acting selfishly: 


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