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Meka Suri (2020)

Not Rated

A review by CLAPNUMBER

2 months ago


This violent love story is all about Meka Suri (Abhinay), a butcher. Suri loves Rani(Sumaya) who works with notorious Appala Naidu (Sharat Kumar). Everything runs fine until Suri finds out that Rani had physical relation with Appala Naidu. The crux of the story revolves around why she slept with Naidu, how she got killed and who killed her.  


If there is something one can look for in this movie is the lead pair, Abhinay & Sumaya who performed marvellously. Both look appealing in their getups, mannerisms and have done justice to their roles. Writer-director Trinadh Velisala completely gave a raw and rustic look to the flick and is truly successful to this extent. Along with this, if Trinadh had taken more care for a strong screenplay and a decent script it would have definitely been a different ballgame given the fact that the lead actors gave their best performances.  

The major minus of the movie is too much violence and bold steamy scenes which still the Telugu audience are not ready for. The decent part is the cinematography of Prajwal Krish & Pardhu Saina. Prajwal Krish’s music is also decent. He gave perfect BGM for the kind of visuals the movie has.   


For sure this 1 hour 26 minutes movie is definitely not for the family audience and has also failed miserably to capture the attention of OTT audience with sluggish and meaningless narration. Hope the yet to release 2nd part will be better. 

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