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Jallikattu (2020)


A review by CLAPNUMBER

3 weeks ago



The movie is about a butcher Vincent (Chemban Vinod) and a buffalo that creates unexpected troubles in a forest village of Kerala. One fine morning when Vincent is about to slaughter a buffalo it escapes. And from then the village is on the hunt to nab the buffalo. How the villagers who are divided into factions kill the buffalo is the base storyline.  



Locations are natural and apt for a movie of such a story. Performances are purely realistic. The subplots that revolve around different people who are trying to kill the buffalo have a good establishment. Few scenes have rock-solid thrills which can lift the mood of the movie. Adding to this are the technical values such as the background score that elevates the scenes well, stunning camera work and excellent production values.   

The introduction to the main plot of the movie went extremely well and if the director Lijo Jose Pellissery had showcased the same spirit to end the climax for sure the movie would have gone miles. Although a great attempt, the director missed the flow by introducing too many characters and exaggerating the climax. 



The movie is experimental nevertheless it has perfect thrills to keep the audience racing with the movie. If one can forgive the repeating buffalo chases the movie is watchable. Moreover, one should also have that patience to keep watching the battle between the buffalo & humans in the 151-minute runtime.  

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