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Radhe (2021) : Review


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4 weeks ago


'Radhe - The Most Wanted Bhai' is an action mass entertainer. The story of this much-hyped film spins around the widespread abuse of drugs in the community and how it is costing the youth the precious young years of their lives. The hero of this film is Radhe (Salman Khan) is an intelligent and coherent cop with a compassionate spirit and jocular personality. He has a good conscience regarding the society around him and doesn't want to miss any chance trying to restore the broken justice system. 

When Radhe comes across this notorious kingpin who defiles the youth with drug abuse, he goes on a sworn mission to save society from such pathetic druglords. How Radhe handles the situation, saves the youth, and catches the culprit with any means possible outlines the crux of the story. 



'Radhe - The Most Wanted Bhai' is undoubtedly a flop film that wasted the money of the producers and the efforts of the entire cast and crew. To be precise, let's talk about the performances of the actors. Despite Salman Khan and Randeep Hooda doing their best, their roles discredited their performance quality. Apart from that, the entire cast of the film lacked decent performance and everything felt far from realistic.  

Coming to the story of the film, the writers could've done a lot better since they have Salman Khan in their film. But that wasn't the case. The plot was obnoxiously cliché and it wouldn't take a genius to predict the storyline itself. The screenwriting was also very obscure and lackluster. 

Prabhu Deva did a mediocre job with the direction, but it felt like the entire production budget was spent on making unnecessary music numbers and bizarre action sequences that are often overused. The soundtrack of this film is also very disappointing and overall this film is too vexatious and cringey to tolerate. There is no surprise that this film got a shameful 1.8/10 IMDb rating.  



One doesn't need to bother watching this film since it would be a waste of their time. There is far better content out there. 

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