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Ye Mantram Vesave (2018)

Ye Mantram Vesave is a story about a youngster, Nikky (Vijay Deavarakonda) who is obsessed with gadgets and plays a game to pick up women. However, as the game progresses, things go awry when a woman's life Rags (Shivani) gets into danger.

Not Rated
Not Rated
Romance, Drama Telugu 2h 03min U 09th Mar, 2018

Shridhar Marri

Director, Producer

Abdus Samad

Music Director


Supporting Actress

Udai Kiran

Supporting Actor

Sivannarayana Naripeddi

Supporting Actor

Aashish Raj

Supporting Actor

Bhupesh R Bhupathi

Art Director


An obsessed youngster plays a game to pick up women but as the game goes on things go wrong when the life of a woman is in danger.