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Uma Maheswara Ugra Roopasya

Mahesh, a photographer in a village takes a pledge to not use footwear till he takes vengeance on an unfamiliar person who shames him in presence of everyone. Eventually, he’s examined by people and challenging conditions to see if he’ll stand up to his word.

Not Rated
Drama Telugu 2h 16min U 30th Jul, 2020

Chandana Koppisetti


Satyadev Kancharana


Naresh Vijaya

Supporting Actor


Supporting Actor

Ram Prasad

Supporting Actor

Maha Venkatesh

Director, Story Writer

Prasad Devineni


Shobu Yarlagadda


Bijibal Maniyil

Music Director

Appu Prabhakar

Director of Photography


Uma Maheshwara Rao (Satyadev) is an urbane man and a photographer from Araku with small and sweet dreams, who's not very skilled at his job but manages somehow, although he leads a content life with honour. It doesn't take too long to apprehend that Mahesh is a simplistic guy, whose life didn't consist of any major tension, and he’s expected to escape from dispute if he sees one. He’s in unconditional love with his childhood cherished Swathi (Chandana Koppisetti) and pictures of marrying her one day. His closest companion is the local healer Babji (Naresh), who’s as close to him as his father. Eventually, when a string of mishaps ensues in Mahesh getting insulted amid the marketplace, swears to not use sandals until he takes vengeance on the stranger who humiliates him in presence of the public. But later, it’s not as simple as it seems to be because shortly, Mahesh understands that he’ll have to be very patient to achieve his purpose. Ultimately at every moment, he’s tested by people around him and in unruly circumstances to check if he’ll bust his oath or stands up to his words.