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Subbu (2001)

Subbu, a college student, falls in love with the affluent Neeraja. However, things take a turn when he realises that Neeraja's father was responsible for the death of his entire family.

Not Rated
Not Rated
Drama Telugu 2h 25min 21st Dec, 2001

Sonali Joshi


N.T. Rama Rao Jr.


Rudraraju Suresh Varma

Story Writer, Screenplay Writer, Dialogue Writer

Mani Sharma

Music Director

Vijaya Sri

Director of Photography

Marthand K Venkatesh


PM Hari Kumar Yadav


Kallu Chidambaram

Supporting Actor


Supporting Actor

‎M S Narayana

Supporting Actor


ala Subramanyam alias Subbu (NTR) is a college student who is loved by each and everyone for his cool nature and lovable philosophy of keeping his head cool all the time. Neeraja (Sonali Joshi) is a good samaritan, who keeps on donating money anonymously to fund 25 seats, in the college at which Subbu is studying. Subbu is curious to know about the person who is donating that money. Subbu falls in love with Neeraja, mainly for her positive attitude. There is a strong reason for Neeraja to donate money to the college. There is a stronger reason for Subbu to remain unflustered and detached. In the flashback, Subbu rescues a girl who met with an accident and admits her in a hospital. She is a daughter of a rich industrialist, GK Chowdary. GK Chowdary misunderstands Subbu as the other Bala Subramanyam who is responsible for his daughter to become pregnant. Without knowing truth, GK becomes a reason for the suicides of Subbu's entire family. GK realizes the truth later. And incidentally Neeraja is the younger sister of the girl whom Subbu rescues. By the time of interval the audience realize that Subbu and Neeraja are in search of each other. Rest of the film twirls around how this couple realizes that they are indeed made for each other. Will circumstances allow the lovers to unite?