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Seven (2019)

Numerous women allege Karthik as their spouse and lodge a missing complaint. Nevertheless, matters take an unexpected turn when a guy who declares to know him is assassinated.  

Not Rated
Not Rated
Drama, Crime, Thriller Telugu 01st Jan, 2019

Regina Cassandra


Anisha Ambrose


Aditi Arya


Koneru Havish


Nizar Shafi


Chaitan Bharadwaj

Music Director

Ramesh Varma

Screenplay Writer


While investigating a cryptic man named Karthik (Havish), a cop is puzzled by the contradictory reports about his identity. Three women appear to allege Karthik as their husband who has gone missing. A person from a shelter insists that he knew Karthik as Krishnamurthy (Havish), who had died long back, later gets killed. Later, another woman named Priya (Thridha Choudhury) insists Karthik as her spouse who had been missing. Throughout the inquiry, Karthik fails to identify the different three women who alleged him as their husband. The woman is taken to the incarcerated Karthik. Upon seeing him, suddenly she draws off a gun and fires at him. She confesses about her marriage with Karthik and later he leaves her and then cheats on her. She was disturbed and assumed that Karthik was a playboy who had plundered four women's lives, hence she shot him. Karthik flees from the hospital and goes in search of those girls to know their aim to cause such pain in his life. Then he finds all the accusations given against him are bogus as they have staged a fake act against Karthik on the offer of Saraswati (Regina Cassandra), an old woman. Sarswati the lady behind the picture is the chief criminal who protects those girls from getting assaulted which was also faked by herself as she needed the cooperation of those girls to trouble Karthik for revenge.