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Sarvam Thaalamayam (2019)

A cinema enthusiast, who appears to be the son of a gifted and skilled mridangam maker, determines to become a musician after carting an instrument to Vembu Iyer, a well-known mridangam player.   

Not Rated
Drama, Musical Telugu 2h 13min U 08th Mar, 2019

Vineeth Radhakrishnan

Supporting Actor

Rajiv Menon

Director, Story Writer

AR Rahman

Music Director

D Sathya Prakash

Playback Singer

Rakendu Mouli


Elango Kumaravel

Supporting Actor

Bombay Jayashri

Playback Singer


Playback Singer


When Peter daydreams of playing at the Carnatic music festival after seeing Vembu Iyer perform his concert from close sections, he gets very much excited and influenced. When Vembu Iyer’s assistant, Mani, learns of Peter’s dream, he suggested that he should learn Carnatic music in Government College and become a master in an organized school. Vembu Iyer, unlike Mani, is not a casteist, and he’s someone who identifies and nourishes talent. He doesn’t believe in discrimination against any category of people. That message is then exquisitely conveyed through the roles of Vembu Iyer and his disciple Nandu, who had to move to Chennai from the US to study but is keen to become friends with Peter. He doesn't care about his caste and even willingly shares his assortment of Carnatic music with Peter. When Peter and Vembu Iyer meet for the first time and the following learn about the former’s dream,  Vembu Iyer mentors him as his guru. Ultimately, guiding him in the right path also keeps his best interests in mind.