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Ranga the Donga (2010)

Ranga the Donga is a 2010 Telugu drama film starring Vimala Raman and Meka Srikanth. Ranga was raised by his grandmother. Ranga used to steal from the corrupt police officers. The man was also a fan of faction-oriented films and wished to be one when he grew up. He falls in love with an inspector and is caught during a theft gone wrong. In court, he meets a real faction leader. After the death of the faction leader, Ranga is persuaded by the late faction leader's wife to take his place.

Not Rated
Not Rated
Drama, Comedy Telugu 01st Jan, 2010

Vimala Raman


Ramya Krishnan


Meka Srikanth


GV Sudhakar Naidu


Chakri Gilla

Music Director