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Raja Vaaru - Raani Gaaru (2019)

Raja Vaaru Rani Gaaru is the anecdote of Raju who stumbles in love with Rani but fails to show his sentiments. Raju and his two friends handle the drudgeries and difficulties of love

Drama, Romance Telugu 2h 13min U/A 29th Nov, 2019

Ravi Kiran Kola

Director, Story Writer, Screenplay Writer

Jay Krish

Music Director

Rakendu Mouli


Divya Narni

Supporting Actress

Rajkumar Kasireddy

Supporting Actor

Snehamadhuri Sharma

Supporting Actress

Anurag Kulkarni

Playback Singer


Playback Singer


It was the time of the '90s, Chowdary (Rajkumar Kasireddy), and Naidu (Yazurved Gurram), disguised as Batman and Joker, start describing their friend Raja’s (Kiran Abbavaram) love tale to an unfamiliar person kidnaped by them. The tale goes something like this- Raja is madly in love with Rani (Rahasya Gorak) but finds it difficult to declare his love for her due to fear of rejection. His two friends, Chowdhary and Naidu, move in to relax out the hurdles for Raju and come up with clumsy yet witty strategies to encourage him to express his feelings like Raja and Naidu run from their exam hall to prep the former’s proposal to Rani and many more such plans. With recurring endeavors at proposal failing, circumstances come to a point when Rani leaves her village and goes to a different city for higher education for a few years. But Raja’s love for her never fades. After a lot of effort by him and his friends towards making Raja proposing to her, finally, Rani arrives back to the village and gladly ends up with Raja.