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Oollalla Oollalla (2020)

A romantic horror film directed by Sathiya Prakash, starring Anketa Maharana, Nataraj Peri and Noorin Sherif in the lead roles.

Not Rated
Horror, Comedy, Romance Telugu 1h 57min A 01st Jan, 2020

Satya Prakash


Attari Gururaj


JG Krishna

Director of Photography

JK Deepak

Director of Photography

Joy Rayarala

Music Director

Guru Charan





Pandu (Nataraj) is an aspiring film director. On the other hand, Noori (Nooreen Sharif) falls in love with Pandu and keeps pestering him to get married. But Pandu wants a rich girl in his life so that he can settle down in life. This is the time when a character named Trisha (Ankita) enters his life. She sees her husband in Pandu and goes behind him in a crazy manner. In all this mess, Trisha’s husband comes back and creates an even bigger confusion. The rest of the story is as to how Pandu comes out of his problems and marries Noori.