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Metro Kathalu

Revolving around Hyderabad, a city like no other, are the lives of eight people grappling with life-changing choices as their fates entwine with each other. However, they're determined to rise above the occasion and make room for life and a little more. 

Not Rated
Drama Telugu 1h 15min 14th Aug, 2020

Gayatri Bhargavi


Nandini Rai


Rajeev Kanakala


Karuna Kumar

Director, Screenplay Writer

Mohammed Khadeer Babu

Story Writer

Ram Maddukuri

Producer, Actor

Kiran Reddy Mandadi


Ajay arasada

Music Director

Venkat R Prasad

Director of Photography

Srinivas Varaganti



A software employee (Thiruveer) falls in love with his lady colleague (Nakshatra). He proposes to her and she tells him her conditions. Leaving all aside, he keeps asking her a trivial question. 

A drunken man is hit by a car. The driver behind the wheels is a decent young man (Ali Reza) and he joins the person in a hospital. Then calls the person's wife (Sana). She seems stressed and frustrated. After knowing why, he tries to help her. 

A young working married woman (Nandini Rai) tries to have an affair. But something stops her from pursuing it. She immediately goes for a check-up and knows that it could be cancer. What happens next? Watch the series to know. 

A middle class man (Rajeev Kanakala) loves Tegalu, a food item and he doesn't want to attend his best friend's birthday party. His wife (Bhargavi) is frustrated about his choice and complains about it. Will he tell the reason behind it? Watch the series