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Memu (2015)

Memu is a 2015 dubbed Telugu movie starring Nishesh, Vaishnavi, Karthik Kumar, Bindu Madhavi and others. The movie also stars Suriya and Amala Paul in supporting roles. The story revolves around the 2 children Kavin (Nishesh) and Naina (Vaishnavi) who are thrown out of the school due to their attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), annoying their parents too. Later, the children accidentally meet Thamizh Nadan (Suriya) and Venba (Amala Paul), who guide and support the children towards being responsible.

Not Rated
Not Rated
Drama Telugu 01st Jan, 2015

Amala Paul


Nayanthara Kurian


Suriya Sivakumar



Director, Story Writer

Bindu Madhavi

Supporting Actress

Arrol Corelli

Music Director