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Maska (2009)

Maska is a love triangle running along a background of political rivalry. Two politicians battle hard to win in power till the extent that, they even start ,harming their families. Protagonist is a unemployed person who attempts to woo and marry a girl who is going to live abroad. However, falls in Love with another girl and finally issues around are settled.

Not Rated
Not Rated
Comedy, Drama, Action Telugu 2h 36min U/A 14th Jun, 2009

Sheela Kaur


B Gopal


Chakri Gilla

Music Director

MS Raju

Screenplay Writer

Brahmanandam Kanneganti

Supporting Actor

Dharmavarapu Subramanyam

Supporting Actor


Supporting Actress

Mukesh Rishi

Supporting Actor


Unable to get a job, dependent on his brother, Vinay, and sister-in-law, Krishnakant Jagarlamudi decides to woo and wed a woman who is going to settle abroad. He comes across one, Manju, makes her believe that he is heartbroken after being rejected by a fictional female, Meenakshi, and she sympathizes and then falls in love with him. Complications rise for him when a female named Meenakshi actually enters his life and he falls head-over-heels in love with her - not realizing that Manju, who comes from a very influential family, is determined to marry him at any and all costs.