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Mallesham (2019)

Mallesham is a biopic of a weaver who had struggled a lot to come up with his own innovation which is now celebrated by the weaving industry and Mallesham has also earned a Padma Shri award for his impeccable work

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Drama, Biography Telugu 2h 12min U 21st Jun, 2019


Chintakindi Mallesham (Priyadarshi) is from a poor weaver's family. Notwithstanding being resourceful from a growing age, Mallesham had to quit school right after the seventh grade to help his dad out with his job. As he grows up he observes his mother and a lot of different women in his village undergo shoulder pains, their bodies exhausting out by doing the traditional and outdated method of weaving. Since then, it had become his prime goal to solve that problem. 

In the Pochampally method of weaving, the women help the men by meticulously winding a silk thread, which whirls around one bolt on one side and 40 on the other sides. This is a process that is fundamental for any pattern. Without this support, the weaver lags down exceedingly. Mallesham persists a strenuous challenge for several years, as he is mocked at by a lot of people, who discourage him from attempting his goal to design the ASU machine which will make the weaving method mechanical and save the women the misery of shoulder pains and body exhaustion. This innovation made him earn the Padmashri Award, yet he also became an inspiration for many weavers.