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Maguvalu Matrame (2020)

Prahavati, an independent filmmaker, takes her mother-in-law Gomatha on a surprise trip to reunite her with school friends. 

Not Rated
Drama Telugu 2h 14min 11th Sep, 2020





Urvashi Nair


Bramma G


M Ghibran

Music Director


Supporting Actor


Gomatha Silkurayappan (Urvashi) is a widow whose son Surendar (Madhavan, in a cameo) works in Qatar, while she resides with his girlfriend-fiancé, Prabhavati (Jyotika), a feisty, individualistic woman who is a documentary filmmaker. Rani Amirthakumari (Bhanupriya) lives in Agra with her husband (Nasser) and son (Pavel Navageethan) who are politicians aspiring to accomplish a forthcoming local body election. Subbulakshmi Mangalamoorthy (Saranya Ponvannan), a beautician, is in a cold and loveless marriage with her husband Mangalamoorthi (Livingston), who still longs for a lover from his antiquity. 

Gomatha, Subbu and Rani were childhood best friends who made charming memories which they relish even in their current lives. These three women somehow ended up in marriages which make them feel inferior and trapped in a never-ending liability.  

Prabha somehow gets to know about her mother in-law's mesmerising childhood and is intrigued by Gomatha’s memories of her long-separated college friends. She looks for the whereabouts of her mother-in-law's two other friends through Facebook and she gets determined to reunite them. Prabha takes her on a surprise road-trip so that they meet and make new memories afar from their miserable married lives.