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Kanulu Kanulanu Dochayante 

Siddharth and Kallis have all the money in the world. They meet the women of their dreams and are pushed into thinking about their choices in life.

Not Rated
Drama Telugu 2h 42min U 28th Feb, 2020

Ritu Varma

as Meera

Dulquer Salmaan

as Sidharth

Gautham Menon

as Prathap P

Desingh Periyasamy

Director, Story Writer, Screenplay Writer

Anto Joseph


Harshavardhan Rameshwar

Music Director, Lyricist, Playback Singer

KM Bhaskaran

Director of Photography

Anurag Kulkarni

Playback Singer

Anish Kuruvilla

Supporting Actor

Purna Chary



Siddharth and Kaliswaran Moorthy are two youths in Chennai who dwell in solitary. Siddharth falls for Meera and he proposes to her. Meera accepts his proposal. Kallis fancies Meera's friend, Shreya. The group spends their cash and shortly realize they are running low. Due to this, they turn into fraud professionals, who do online shopping frauds to obtain money. Eventually, a cop starts to investigate their scams and the group changes their strategy upon knowing this. But after a sentimental incident, Siddharth and his group stop doing scams out of guilt. They determine to live in Goa by commencing a restaurant with the leftover money from their frauds. The cop stalks them and tracks them in Goa and somehow it is discovered by the cop that Meera and Shreya are bigger con artists than Siddharth and Kallis and they go after the money which was earned by Siddharth and the whole group. Many twists and turns take place and one wouldn't even expect the next scene. Did Siddharth and Kaliswaran do a mistake by loving Meera and Shreya? The answer to these questions form the crux of this story.