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Kantri (2008)

An NRI returns to his village with his family with a mission to better the lives of the village natives. But in a sudden turn of events, the NRI is left helpless, as a fellow villager steals the money and flees. The villager is now the head of a huge business empire, which is a result of his corrupt activities. The NRI returns, this time for vengeance.

Not Rated
Not Rated
Action, Drama Telugu 2h 50min U/A 09th May, 2008

Hansika Motwani


N.T. Rama Rao Jr.


Meher Ramesh

Director, Story Writer, Screenplay Writer, Dialogue Writer

C Ashwini Dutt


Mani Sharma

Music Director

Sameer Reddy

Director of Photography

Marthand K Venkatesh


AS Prakash

Art Director

Prem Rakshith


Tanishaa Mukerji

Supporting Actress


Kantri (NTR) is an orphan who soon finds himself in the midst of baddies, forced to be a part of their empire. Their boss is Pothu Raju aka PR (Prakash Raj), who rules his ring of operations from counterfeit currency to smuggling to all dark business in Hyderabad, with his seat in Hong Kong. Seshu (Asish Vidyarthi), Acid (Raghu Babu) and Bairagi (Subba Raju) look after PR`s business in Hyderabad. Das (Sayaji Shinde), once a loyalist of PR but now a separate mafia don himself, becomes a nail in the shoe of PR here. But, all of a sudden, Father Atmanandam (Kota Srinivasa Rao), the head of the orphanage, reveals that Kantri is none other than the son of PR. After this revelation, Kantri takes the riches of PR as his son. This event is madeup by Kantri as he is a kidney patient and for his treatment and to live for the love of his life, he stands as a cheat. Meanwhile, the warring gangs forget their differences and join hands to kill Kantri. How Kantri liquidates them forms the rest of the story.