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Guduputani (1972)

Guduputhani is a 1972 Telugu suspense/thriller starring Krishna, Subha, Halam, Chittor V. Nagaiah, Rajababu and others. Deepa is a rich heiress to a vast fortune. She loves and marries Vijay, a small-time criminal. Various attempts on Deepa's life are made as someone is trying to kill Deepa for her property. While Vijay is the very first suspect he is actually trying to protect Deepa and her property. Soon Vijay unearths a conspiracy against his wife. What is it? Who is trying to kill Deepa?

Not Rated
Not Rated
Suspense, Thriller, Action Telugu 01st Jan, 1972



Krishna Ghattamaneni


Lakshmi Deepak


S P Kodandapani

Music Director