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Dorasaani (2019)

A poverty-stricken young lad and a wealthy Zamindar's daughter must determine if their developing love is worth fighting a restrictive cultural hierarchy.   

Not Rated
Drama, Romance Telugu 2h 18min 12th Jul, 2019

KVR Mahendra

Director, Story Writer

Prashanth R Vihari

Music Director


In the society dwelled by Dorasaani (Shivathmika), most villagers didn’t know her name — Devaki. She’s the chinna dorasaani and no one attempts to shift their gaze towards the zamindar’s luxurious home, and, to her. She studies in the modern city, guarded by her brother and his wife, and has come home on a break back to her village. Draped in all regalia, she’s that familiar bird in a golden cage. Much later, when she steps out on a moonlit twilight, she will mention that she nevermore thought the world is so elegant. Unlocking up her world is Raju (Anand Deverakonda), who is also studying in the same city and has come back for holidays. He is sharply aware of the level hierarchy and doesn’t conceal his distaste for it. He’s grateful that his parents have endeavored to dream ahead of their means and supported him to study. He tells his friends, all of whom have outlasted silently in the village, to study, not to get a career, but to empower themselves. The story revolves around how destiny brings Devaki and Raju together despite the societal hierarchy.