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Disco Raja

Vasu (Raviteja) is a responsible man who wants to earn money to pay his family's debt.

Not Rated
Drama, Sci-Fi, Action Telugu 2h 29min U/A 24th Jan, 2020

Nabha Natesh


Payal Rajput


Ravi Teja

Actor, Playback Singer

VI Anand

Director, Story Writer, Screenplay Writer

Sunil Varma Indukuri

Supporting Actor

Vennela Kishore

Supporting Actor

S Thaman

Music Director


Supporting Actress

Naresh Vijaya

Supporting Actor

SP Balasubramaniam

Playback Singer


Vasu (Raviteja) is a responsible man who wants to earn money to pay his family's debt. His family consists of orphans who came together to live a decent life. But when his stepbrother, Karthik, steals the family's money and flees, Vasu goes in search of him. But an incident in Ladakh injures Vasu and he stays there stranded. His body freezes and no one comes to his rescue until a team of doctors from Relive bio lab decides to help him. They are researching a break-through technique that brings back the dead. Even Vasu is brought back but without any memories. When he wakes up, a woman, Nabha (Nabha Natesh), says that she is Vasu's love interest and starts to explain his life story. On the other hand, Disco Raj (Ravi Teja) is a music-loving gangster who sweeps his enemies in one blow. He is dreaded and feared by his opponent groups. But his enmity with Sethu runs a long way and no one is ready to step down. Disco Raj falls in love with a physically challenged woman named Helen (Payal Rajput). She cannot hear or speak. The relation between Vasu and Disco Raj, what happened to Disco Raj, why was Vasu attacked, Will Vasu ever find out his real identity? - This forms the rest of the movie.