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Parvati, a respected cop's daughter, falls head-to-toe in love with Shiva, a guy who turns out to be from a lower caste. Later elopes with him to wed him, but when Parvati's father hunts them out things take a drastic turn.

Not Rated
Drama, Romance, Thriller Telugu 2h 30min A 07th Feb, 2020

Divya Rao




Duvvasi Mohan

Supporting Actor

Narasimha Nandi

Director, Story Writer, Screenplay Writer, Dialogue Writer, Sound Designer

Sunil Kashyap

Music Director

Jaya Vani

Supporting Actress

RK Mama

Supporting Actor

S Murali Mohan Reddy

Director of Photography

Chinmayi Sripada

Playback Singer


Music Director


The tale arising from Telangana, Shiva(Varun) is a guy who turns out to be from a lower caste who falls in love with Parvathi (Divya Rao), a reputed cop’s daughter. Parvathi's father is a casteist and he scowls upon people who are of low castes. Hence it turns out to be obvious that Parvathi’s father is against their love affair. Shiv and Parvathi then elope and get married. After a lot of trouble, Parvathi’s father takes her back to their home, and as he is infuriated with his daughter's acts, he locks her in the house so that her contact with Shiva cuts out. After a lot of scheming and trouble, the couple reunites and end up happy together. This movie is a perplexing approach towards spreading awareness against caste discrimination.