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Care of Kancharapalem (2018)

Four heartwarming and amusing love stories comprising varied age, religion, and social status revolve in a small village, from a kid’s crush to a middle-aged bachelor's office brewing love.  

Not Rated
Not Rated
Drama, Romance Telugu 01st Jan, 2018

Radha Bessy


Subba Rao Vepada


Mohan Bhagath


Maha Venkatesh

Director, Story Writer

Sweekar Agasthi

Music Director


This humorous and light-hearted tale revolves around different lifestyles of 4 different couples. Raju (Subba Rao Vepada), a 49-year-old attendee in a government office, gets exasperated by endless questions from everyone in his locality about his marriage, and also gets mocked for being left out as a bachelor. A new officer who goes by the name Radha (Radha Bessy) of Orissa relocates to his office. She is a widow with a youthful daughter who fancies Raju a lot. Now comes another tale of an employee in a wine shop who is just mentioned as Geddam (Mohan Bhagat). He falls for Saleema (Praveena Paruchuri) who is a prostitute who frequently buys wine from that shop. Another unusual tale of a thug named Paul Joseph (Karthik Ratnam) develops feelings for a Brahmin girl who comes from an orthodox background. Lastly, there is a cute love story of a young boy named Sundaram (Kesava Karri), son of a poor artisan, likes his classmate Sunitha (Nithyasri Goru). All the stories cumulate feelings of love with funny kicks in their own way. The question if all these love stories become a success or otherwise forms the crux of the narrative.