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Brother of Bommali (2014)

Brother of Bommali is a 2014 Telugu action drama film starring Allari Naresh, Karthika, and Monal Gajjar. Twin siblings Lakshmi and Ramu have contrasting personalities. Ramu is a gentle heart man and willing to compromise. Lakshmi, however, is rebellious and grows up to be tomboyish. Ramu falls in love with Sruthi. Ramu needs to assist his sister Lakshmi to marry Harsha. Only then can Ramu marry Sruthi.

Not Rated
Not Rated
Action, Drama, Comedy, Romance Telugu 01st Jan, 2014

Karthika Nair


Monal Gajjar


Allari Naresh


B Chinni Krishna

Director, Screenplay Writer

Brahmanandam Kanneganti

Supporting Actor

Sekhar Chandra

Music Director