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Awe (2018)

Several people meet at one restaurant. Each of their personal routines gets portrayed effortlessly while eventually, it all brews down to one single story.   

Not Rated
Not Rated
Thriller Telugu 01st Jan, 2018

Kajal Aggarwal


Nithya Menen


Regina Cassandra


Eesha Rebba


Prashanth Varma

Director, Story Writer, Screenplay Writer

Mark K Robin

Music Director


In the tale of Shiva (Srinivas Avasarala), he is a watchman at a restaurant who strives to become a scientist. He is innovating a time machine to reach his parents, while Parvathy (Devadarshini), shows up all of a sudden and says that she is his future self and claims of some dreadful things which are going to happen. While Nala (Priyadarshi Pullikonda) is an unlucky man who appeals to be a chef at Pragathi's restaurant. He ends up being a hopeless chef. While he's cooking, he makes friends with a goldfish named Nani (Nani) and a bonsai tree named Chanti (Ravi Teja) in the kitchen, which both surprisingly can communicate with humans. Then there is Radha (Eesha Rebba) who is in a restaurant with her parents expecting her "boyfriend" Krishnaveni (Nithya Menen, aka Krish) and will introduce "him" to them. But Krish is actually a woman. Upon Radha’s parents’ strong objection from same-sex marriage, Radha explains the backstory of why she had to change her sexual orientation. Her parents eventually cave in. Moksha (Kaitlyn D'mello) is an 8-year-old girl who works in the same restaurant. She knows several magic tricks which she uses to amuse the customers, Yogi (Murali Sharma), an arrogant magician, tours her restaurant. He insults Moksha after watching her magic show but ends up being humiliated by a ghost, or is it? 

Story of Mira (Regina Cassandra) is a waitress at that restaurant and drug junkie. She and her boyfriend are preparing to thieve a rich investor whom they expect to see soon. Mira accidentally discovers a necklace buried inside a tree in the restaurant and wears it. She dreadfully gets haunted since then. Kali (Kajal Agarwal), the root of the conjunction from all the previous stories, is suffering from Multi personality disorder, signing an Organ Donation Paper in a restaurant, and preparing to shoot herself there. Finally, it is portrayed that all these people from different scenarios are multiple personalities of Kali. She shoots herself in the end and that at the same time is the end of each character from all the scenarios.