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Gana (Naga Shourya) lives abroad and runs a peaceful and happy life.

Not Rated
Thriller, Action, Crime Telugu 2h 14min U/A 31st Jan, 2020

Mehrene Kaur Pirzada


Naga Shourya

as Ashwathama, Story Writer

Ramana Teja

Director, Screenplay Writer

Usha Mulpuri


Sricharan Pakala

Music Director

Ramajogayya Sastry


Kasi Vishwanath

Supporting Actor

Madhu Mani

Supporting Actor

Posani Krishna Murali

Supporting Actor

Armaan Malik

Playback Singer


Gana (Naga Shourya) lives abroad and runs a peaceful and happy life. If he values someone more than himself, that is his sister Priya (Sargun Luthra). He is ready to do anything for his sweet sister's happiness. Happiness knocks on their door when Priya's alliance is fixed with her boyfriend (Prince Cecil). Everything goes smoothly but things take a sudden turn when Priya attempts suicide. Gana saves her and finds out the reason behind her drastic step. Priya explains to him that she is pregnant but has no idea how. The pregnancy is not related to her would-be husband and she never had a physical relationship with anyone else. This frustrates Gana and he concludes that something must have happened while his sister was unconscious. He smells a conspiracy behind the whole thing. When he sets out to find out the real man behind the act, he discovers newer things. Girls are disappearing from their houses for a few days and then being left at hospitals. The incidents confuse the protagonist even further. While the villain is improving his psycho games, it becomes the responsibility of the hero to do everything in his power to catch the culprit. If Gana will be able to bring justice to his sister and all other women form the rest of the story.