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Airaa (2019)

A young woman, who goes to her grandmother's home in Pollachi, realises the presence of something supernatural in the place. Meanwhile, mysterious murders are happening in Chennai. How are these seemingly unrelated events connected?

Not Rated
Drama, Horror Telugu 2h 22min U/A 28th Mar, 2019


A couple of cops in Pollachi answering a distress call only to find out that the house they are in is haunted. The action then shifts to Chennai, to Yamuna, a media professional, who has to tolerate a misogynistic NRI, whom her parents want her to marry, and a boss who is unsympathetic towards her boredom at writing an Agony Aunt column. She moves to Pollachi, to the very haunted house that we were shown in the beginning. The house is occupied by her grandmother and her help, Mani. Soon, eerie events start happening. Meanwhile, in Chennai, Amudhan, who has lost his beloved Bhavani in a road accident, realizes that the seemingly unrelated deaths happening around him could actually be connected to the dead woman.