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Aaviri (2019)

After enduring atrocious grief, Raj and his companion, Leena, are determined to start over and shift into a vintage home, but something unusual starts to happen to their child Munni.   

Not Rated
Thriller, Horror Telugu 1h 53min U/A 01st Nov, 2019

Neha Chauhan


Sri Muktha

Supporting Actress

Ravi Babu

Actor, Director, Producer, Story Writer, Screenplay Writer, Dialogue Writer

Rajesh Vaidhya

Music Director


Screenplay Writer


Raj (Ravi Babu) and his wife Leena (Neha Chauhan) move into an old regal house along with their child Munni (Baby Sri Muktha), Munni somehow appears to see the ghost of her sister who had died untimely due to asthma, the ghost attempts to push Munni Away from her family. The child who died in the asthma accident turns into a ghost and has started to endeavor vengeance for being overlooked by her parents. The ghost causes roguish acts like a chair that turns on its own, a suitcase that abnormally moves, a ladder that rides and leans on a wall, and many more. Later, When his wife Leena is controlled by the same ghost. Then there is a ghost hunter who is hired to control the paranormal activity, but he goes overboard in examining the circumstance and giving his advice. Somehow tables turn and the real ghost is someone else's, and it wanted revenge from Raj as he did something very dreadful to the ghost when it was alive.