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3 Monkeys

Anand, Santosh, and Phani are three happy-go-lucky unmarried friends who not much serious about their actions. The twist in the story occurs when they get into a huge difficulty. Circumstances grow even more critical when this dilemma drives them into a homicide case.

Not Rated
Drama, Comedy, Romance Telugu 2h 11min U/A 07th Feb, 2020

Getup Srinu

as Phani

Jabardasth Ram Prasad

as Anand

Sudigali Sudheer

as Santhosh

Anil Gopi Reddy

Director, Music Director, Story Writer, Screenplay Writer, Lyricist, Playback Singer


Supporting Actor

Shakalaka Shankar

as Dr Bali

Shree Mani


Karunya Chowdary

as Sunny Leone

Sunny Domala

Director of Photography


Playback Singer


Santosh (Sudigali Sudheer), Phani (Getup Srinu), and Anand (Jabardasth Ram Prasad) are three misogynistic and unmarried friends who are not much serious about their deeds in life. These three fellows are desperate to get laid no matter what is the cost. Amidst the cooperation of a pimp, they pick Aasha (Karunya Chowdary) for the plan. A storm is begun and a crisis follows after this fiery and attractive girl enters their life. They start getting into difficulty one after the other which is only heightened by the introduction of Shatru into the entire mess. 

The twist in the tale transpires when they get into a huge hassle. After she enters their lives something strange occurs. Circumstances grow even more crucial when this dilemma drives them into a homicide case. How they work the strange mystery is what the whole fiasco is about.