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Gone Kesh (2019)

A middle-class girl from small West Bengal town finds her life taking a turn when she starts going bald and is diagnosed with alopecia.

Not Rated
Comedy, Drama Hindi 1h 50min U 29th Mar, 2019

Shweta Tripathi

as enakshi

Deepika Amin

as deboshree

Jithendra Kumar

as srijoy

Brijendra Kala

Supporting Actor

Vipin Sharma

as anup

Qasim Khallow

Director, Story Writer, Screenplay Writer, Dialogue Writer

Bharat Menaria

Music Director

Malvika Bajaj

Costume Designer

Vrushali Chauhan


Dhiraj Ghosh



Enakshi is diagnosed with Alopecia, where she begins to lose hair from her scalp. Although she finds her temporary fix to this, it begins to steal previous years of her youth and takes her life by a storm. Will she be able to find a cure?