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Shaji is an obstinate man who is close to being illiterate and has a superiority complex as he always covets being above others. His family leads an ordinary life as they own the lands of agrarian fields. Although Shaji's father always looks down on him. As time passes by Shaji gets stuck in debt and plans on stealing some peppercorn stocks from his father to pay off his debts. To commence his loot, he arranges a bunch of people. Little did he know, one of those people he hired for the loot happens to be the one whose dog Shaji killed mercilessly. He is now back for his revenge.  

Shaji pays no heed to the vengeful man and tries his best to handle the looting situation but things don't go according to his plan. The chaotic mess turns into a gory turn of events that triggers the beastly side of him and his assailant. Ultimately, the vengeful intruder triumphantly defeats Shaji and takes his precious mastiff dog as his own. Exactly mimicking the famous quote, 'An eye for an eye.' In the end, there is no good side to this film.  




Kala is one of the most unique concept films out there. One should take the claims that this movie makes pretty seriously. This film is a ceremonial of gore, toxic masculinity, and irony. Kala is a visual representation of Darwin's theory- Survival of the Fittest. Let me explain why. 

The actors of this film absorbed the character into themselves and did complete justice to V.S. Rohith's story. The raw emotion of two men, one with a superiority complex and the other with cold vengeance running through his veins. The clashing of these two men is what makes this film so special. The story is unique, as it portrays that there is no innocent side in this film. It defeats the sordid concept of hero and villain, by making both the lead characters wild brutes who solely act according to their lethal emotions. This film delivers exactly what it promises.  

Coming to the technical aspects of this film, the cinematography by Akhil George was at its peak with the sharp and clean direction of V.S. Rohith.  

The make-up and prosthetics crew did a splendid job by enhancing the gore factor of this film. The action choreography of this film was very well done, but it could've been better if they did not speed up the action sequences. To conclude this review, this was overall a spectacular film and it requires viewer's discretion since films like Kala cannot be everyone's cup of tea.  




Kala is a film that shouldn't be missed by any movie lover. It is a must-watch! 


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