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Guvva Gorinka (2020) : Review


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3 weeks ago



Sadanand(Satyadev) is a mechanical engineer who happens to be allergic to noises and covets to invent a soundless vehicle. Whereas, Sirisha (Priya Lal), who grows up relishing in her beautiful and privileged lifestyle aspires to major in music but has to vow to her father that she would espouse the man he prefers if she wants to move to Hyderabad city, learn violin and do her Master's Degree. These two aspiring personalities live in annexing flats and eventually flounder upon each other by communicating from their homes. They don’t physically socialize with each other but virtually keep conversing for a long time. These casual exchanges of conversation develop into friendship and ultimately, they fall in love. How a music lover and a misophonic person get along with each other is the essence of this film.  




Guvva Gorinka is a unique film that is saturated with an interesting essence of romantic humor. Not every time we see movies where we can see abstract personality representation. The storyline is slightly predictable, cliche and not everyone could correlate with it. Satyadev, as always has charmed away his persona in this film with his sheer yet brilliant acting. Even though the concept of this film is intriguing, it could've been more conceptualized without it being predictable and monotonous.  




A must-watch romantic comedy film. This carefully crafted amazing storyline is something which shouldn't be missed out.  


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