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Cinema Bandi (2021) : Review

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1 month ago

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Veera Babu (Vikas Vishishta) is an auto driver who finds a large camera in a black bag in his vehicle. Initially, he plans on selling the camera so that he can get enough money to support his family. But ultimately he changes his mind and chooses to make a film. To back his idea up, he shares his insights with Ganapathi (Sandeep Varanasi) who is the only photographer in the entire town. After a good while of deliberations, the primary film crew gets settled where Veera Babu is the director and Ganapati ends up being the cinematographer. The essence of this film is how the director-cinematographer duo crosses their potential hindrances and whether they succeed at making a triumphant film or not.  



Cinema Bandi is a perfectly orchestrated film where one can experience the raw emotions of the actors. Despite being the debutants, the entire cast of this film gave us a rollercoaster ride of their finest performances which can come at par with present Tollywood hotshots. Director Praveen Kandregula chose a village background that paired well with his movie theme. He made sure to capture the innocent and the artistic essence that the lead and side actors of this film gave out.  

Maintaining the rustic and natural theme of this film, it's almost as if we first-handily experience how Veerababu and Ganapati start to plan out their ambition and how they work on overcoming all the hindrances. The cinematography of this film has really paid off because the saturation and the angles of the scenes go very well together. The entire technical crew did a brilliant job which led to a refreshing, simple yet artistic film.  

The only negative aspect of this slice of life film is that some scenes could've been avoided and edited out. The addition of those specific scenes ended up being like fillers for the movie.  

To conclude this review, Director Praveen did complete justice to this film and the production of this film truly paid off with their impeccable efforts. A professional-level film on a restricted budget is a commendable thing to do and it deserves all the attention it could get.   



'Cinema Bandi' is worth watching and it would be an amazing treat for cinema lovers! 


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